Friday, May 12, 2006

Some of the sport from the Master Council

Good evening TSers it is good to be back in touch and I am also pleased to present photographs from our own journeys along the TS routes. Please continue reading.

The following photo is not the best however I do call it Salty Descent Into Madness. This household's curbside recycling consists mainly of bright orange Stouffer's microwave package meals. The recycling truck comes every two weeks on this route and there were approximately fourteen cardboard packages which does suggest this person eats only these terrible meals every single evening. Their heart and glands are laden with salt. I do not know what the yellow package was or why they needed a computer.

Here is a household driven crazy by peach flavor Snapple. It is the only liquid they drink. I think only a man would drink beverages of this type in this quantity and perhaps while performing a focused task such as computer work or woodworking.

On a separate day and on a separate street we see four bins full of Diet Peach Snapple. Clearly they are on a "kick" about hydration and flavor without calories. It is unlikely they drink water. This household has a person who is trying to change something very basic about themselves. Roast Beef suggested a diabetic weaning him or herself from sugar sodas and it did make much sense at the time.

E L-G.