Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Trashspotting - First Establishment of Premise

Bonjour. In the many online discussion fora and also in the real cafés the sport of Trashspotting (le miroir) is arisen and in such our council, hereby claiming primogeniture, does seek to establish precedent, and outline the rules of the activity such that any following body has guidance, and any deviating body knows from which its standard does deviate. —E.L.

Thus it is spoken. Bon Q'huiellaé Détritus.


To analyze the curbside recycling and general refuse of a household, especially with a long-term view.

Originator's Council
- Achewood District 94526
Emeril LeGoinegasque
Robert L. "Spongebath" Dane
R. Beef Kazenzakis

Establishment of Local Councils
This web-log will serve as a repository and official index of all Trashspotting organizations, world-wide. E-mail emeril@achewood.com to solicit membership and an audit of your club's URL. You may conveniently establish your club's Internet presence using this same free service, "Blogger." See above.

Suggested Format of Club Web-logs
- Photographs of refuse and refuse bins, omitting any detail of owner identity
- Date
- Group's analysis and conclusions
- Coverage of group barbecues and potlach

Of course some will exceed our modest outline. This is to be desired, for the health and growth of the sport.

To come: sample report from our club.