Saturday, April 08, 2006

Fast Note on our day's Trashspotting

Hello and we are steadily typing up the TS guidelines. Here then I provide you with just a fast note on our own group's studies of this morning. I do not like that management of the sport should take from my involvement but it is a sacrifice which I am happy to make for I know it is not for-ever.

We saw a very sad recycle bin outside of the house of a very old lady today. She is rarely to leave and never to open the drapes, even, and when she does range out she is heavily covered from the sun tip to toe. For a while I have been watching this address with special interest because perhaps of my own fear of my own life in those end-years. That is why I remember it so readily and clear.

In the bin were but five items, and those were three jars of infant food, a light bulb, and a banana peel. You cannot recycle a banana peel and even the light bulb is dubious though it is glass. Last time the bin contained one jar of baby food and a Get-Rite vitamin drink. I do not like to speak on guesses but the cold spare picture of this descent into failing digestion and even senility did shaken my own personal demons up a good deal. I did not enjoy the rest of the trip as much for it.

Okay then that is some of my day and now back to the typing-up. Spongebath is off his work and to correct for typos.