Thursday, April 27, 2006

First day on the new messageboard.

I did find many swells of emotion as I monitored the new messageboard throughout the day. My first thoughts were indeed of panic as I read post after post of people not talking about TS and I felt they had fun at my expense. After some looking around I did notice commands which clean out the useless posts so now it is pretty on-topic there. Some good questions have arisen and I am proud of this thing in a way I do not yet understand. Thanks be to all who did post and stay on-subject as you do help this sport to grow.

So far Spongebath, Beef and I are chief moderators and we have a handful of "new bees" as I jokingly think of them. Today Beef tried to get at my goat but that is his way and he is a joker always in new places that is how he makes himself express his anguish at the unknown. His sasseyness will die down I expect. He will stop saying that I should be put into prison.

A good first day every-one. Thank you for helping in my dream of spreading TS.

Stay on topic,