Friday, April 07, 2006

Time to hit the hay.

Well it is time to hit the hay for tomorrow morning we rise early. The turkey legs they are smoking on the balconette and all of the coffee ingredients they are spread along the counter. This does remind me, a traditional snack is a valued member of a TS team. For us it is my family specialty the smoked turkey leg but for you it may be a hot and tastey burrito or just such as fries. I find my mind to be most clear with protein, not starch, just a friendly note. Perhaps write me and I will share your team's traditional snack in this blog. I can not always think of things to say when the blog mood does strike me so that would be helpful. Imagine knowing what fellow TSers snack on while they Trashspot the streets and alleys of Dublin or Kookaburra, it is a wonderful notion to think on.


PS: TS guidelines coming this week-end I believe.