Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Trashspotters I have not abandoned you.

Hello from E L-G, TSers. I got away from the blog for a few days because I am very busy getting jerseys and such made for you, plus writing up the Guidelines. It is All Good. I trust you will stay with TS all the while and your excitement of the sport will grow 110-percent each person.

In the now I would ask all active TS clubs to get even tighter into each documented bin and give more careful thought to each individual item. In some cases I see the club secretary want to amuse or get far-out in humorous thought; but really TS should be serious and generated to make insight, not laughs.

Before the guidelines come out, how about this format for clubs just coming into posting TS updates:

1. photo of recycling bin
2. careful analysis of contents, particularly of labels on canisters or cans or bottles. Are they from the high fancy stores, or the gas station? A big part of knowing how to TS is knowing from which markets your local disposables originate, and how the different originations interplay.